Sealy Optimum Gel Memory Foam Review

Sealy Optimum gel memory foam mattressesThe Sealy Optimum is yet another gel-infused memory foam offering from a major manufacturer, different from other quality memory foam. This is a unique move for Serta, having gained recognition in the global market for their brand of coiled mattresses. The Sealy Optimum line will incorporate OptiCool, a layer of gel memory foam, to higher-end Posturepedic models. Questions remain as to whether the memory foam will make a dramatic difference from currently existing models.

By combining coil technology with cooling memory foam, Sealy Optimum no doubt hopes to target the niche audience looking for a mattress with heat control. Overheated mattresses are a longstanding complaint amongst memory foam users, generally attributed to the more dense material. While coil based beds have clear differences in design, they can similarly cause discomfort by retaining body heat.

For a company marked by its coil based beds, the move to include a cooling gel memory foam layer likely lends into satisfying current industry trends more than anything. But how effective is this additional gel layer? Without much information to work with, there’s not much to suggest what sets Sealy Optimum apart from other gel-infused memory foam mattresses.

Sealy Optimum Under the Microscope

Let’s start with the density of the gel memory foam layer, reportedly measuring one-half inch in thickness. For comparison, a typical quality memory foam mattress pad measures around two inches. It’s probably safe to assume the additional memory foam within Sealy Optimum won’t drastically improve the comfort, not necessarily a blemish given the consumer satisfaction ratings. However, given the measurements in this case, the gel memory foam layer scores lower on the quality scale.

It’s baffling how effective a lower quality memory foam layer can be in terms of cooling the mattress. The prototypical gel based memory foam mattress incorporates multiple layers for cooling. Given the density of the OptiCool layer, we’d be surprised to find much remarkable about its heat combating abilities. Upon further speculation, the Sealy Optimum reportedly won’t price much differently than its peers — no difference in pricing suggests little to no difference in quality. Is this implication enough to label Optimum purely a gimmick?

You might pass entirely on the Sealy Optimum when factoring in the safety concerns regarding gel memory foam. Highly concerning setbacks with flammability have been cited amongst some gel-infused memory foam products. The chemicals necessary to compose the cooling gel are suspect, all feeding into additional trepidation over possible off-gassing. While Sealy Optimum contains less of this material, it still warrants similar criticism.

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