Tempur-Breeze technology vs Amerisleep

Tempur-Breeze TechnologyAbout 2 months ago, we discussed Tempur-Pedic’s recent introduction of their Tempur-Breeze technology designed to alleviate hot sleep complaints. Now, let’s take a look at how it compares with another top memory foam mattress brand.

Foams naturally serve as great insulators by trapping heat within their structures. It is for this reason that foam sometimes provides housing insulation. The insulation properties of small, tight cells are why many people complain about sleeping hot on their memory foam mattresses.

The formulation and structure of foams impact their feel and properties – all memory foam does not perform the same way. Let’s take a look at the top two memory foam mattresses technologies and see how they compare

Tempur-Breeze technology vs Amerisleep

In comparing these two memory foam brands, we are looking at the products’ coolness, the memory foam, and the covers in an effort to see which offers the coolest sleep.

Memory Foam Coolness

Independent lab testing showed that Tempurpedic’s TEMPUR-Contour™ and TEMPUR-Cloud® Collections  slept cooler than the leading gel foam mattresses by about 0.5-1.0 degree Fahrenheit. The TEMPUR-EZ Breeze and TEMPUR-Climate Support layers are said to feel cool and wick away heat.

In independent tests against the leading traditional memory foam brands, Amerisleep™ was shown to dissipate heat 10X faster and permit 8X greater airflow through the foam, resulting in a cool sleep surface.  Against gel memory foam brands, they claim their plant-based material dissipated heat 25% faster than memory foams using infused-gel technology.

Memory Foam Composition

TEMPUR™ material is composed of open-celled temperature sensitive visco-elastic cells. While the formula for TEMPUR™ material remains a trade secret, Tempurpedic does not directly address what is in their foam. Due to the strong offgassing, many consumers speculate that they contain high VOCs and Tempurpedic does not make any claims about having a natural product.

Amerisleep’s BioPur™ material is a proprietary foam formula incorporating 100% natural plant-based oils, replacing a significant portion of the petro-chemicals that are present in all visco-elastic foam mattresses. BioPur™ offers extreme open cell technology and is temperature neutral. Where other conventional visco foams get hard in a cool room and soft in a warm room, BioPur™ is unaffected by room temperatures.

Mattress Covers

The Tempur-Cloud™ Supreme Breeze and TEMPUR-Rhapsody™ Breeze beds come with cool-to-the-touch covers with stretch tops, microsuede sides and moisture-wicking properties. The website and press releases remain vague on the composition of covers with Tempur-Breeze technology.

Amerisleep™ memory foam beds come with removable natural covers. The bamboo surface is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Bamboo also wicks moisture and allows for unimpeded airflow. Some models have all bamboo covers while others have micro-suede sides.

Tempur-Breeze technology: Price and Value

Tempur-Breeze technology is available in two models, the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze and TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze. The average price for a queen mattress is $3449.

All Amerisleep models feature the Bio-Pure memory foam and bamboo covers. The average price for a queen mattress is $859.

In short, TEMPUR Breeze sleeps cooler than traditional foams, features a Breeze cover and Tempurpedic’s temperature sensitive materials, with pricing in the mid-$3000’s. Amerisleep sleep’s cooler and dissipates heat faster than conventional memory foams, features natural bamboo covers and plant-based foams, with prices below $1000. Given that both beds are US-made, sleep cooler and offer similar guarantees, it seems that the sizable savings and Eco-friendly properties of Amerisleep might outweigh the Tempur-Breeze technology.

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