TEMPUR-Weightless™ Collection Review

Tempur-Weightless Collection unveiled

According to an additional press release by Tempurpedicon July 30, 2012, the retailer is set to release the Tempur-Weightless Collection designed for easier mobility in bed.

Like the newly introduced Tempurpedic Breeze technology, this additional line more likely than not serves to address common consumer complaints that have plagued the manufacturer for years. Although memory foam is one of the most effective pain relieving materials in the bedding industry, it’s not for everyone. Some consumers have complained the material causes them to ‘sink in’, making entering and exiting the mattress a challenge.

The Weightless Collection is modeled after the Tempurpedic Sensation Collection in Europe, said to combine “unparalled comfort with responsiveness to produce a truly innovative sleep surface,” as mentioned in the initial press release. This particular collection of Tempurpedic mattresses looks to recreate a spring-like experience without the perpetual pressure points that traditionally prompt users into purchasing memory foam altogether. This would be an innovative move by the company but little information has yet been provided to detail just how such an effect will be achieved.


Limited Tempur-Weightless Collection Details Available

The line is so new that direct inquiries to Tempurpedic, similarly to our Breeze inquiries, have yielded nothing in the way of concrete answers. What’s notably different with the Weightless Collection is the introduction of a new Tempur-Float support layer, described only as an “incredibly resilient material”. There’s plenty of questions that arise when pondering how effectively responsive the new layer might be considering it’s billed to emulate the comfort associated with traditional spring beds.

As we hold out for additional details about the actual mattress composition and density, we’re left to wonder how the move to redesign the feel of memory foam mattresses might be received by the public. True, making the transition from traditional spring mattresses to a memory foam mattress can be uncomfortable, the discomfort seldom prompts consumers into returns due to relatively quick adaption. Our reviewers are largely pro memory foam, leery of the pain relieving abilities any product labeling itself similar to a spring bed might offer. We’ll have to wait and see.


Interested in the Tempur-Weightless Collection? Wait!

We’ve made a habit of constantly comparing similar Tempurpedic brandAmerisleep, beds we deem comparable in terms of quality & comfort. From the verified reviews available, there’s little evidence to suggest mobility is a litigating factor for people to be overall displeased with their mattress — especially considering there’s a wide range of conforming levels to choose from. If you’re interested in the Tempur-Weightless Collection, check out Amerisleep mattresses for more in-depth information.

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